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Social recommendations are important


People trust their friends and family

People value recommendations from their friends and family. A recent Nielsen study found that 92% of consumers identified word-of-mouth referrals as the most trusted form of advertising.

Social media amplifies word-of-mouth

A single share can be seen by hundreds of others in a customer’s network. Customer referrals through social media can have a dramatic impact on your business’s growth.

Get your customers to share


ModernComment Recommendation Builder

Your customers are whisked through a Recommendation Builder that takes selections to a few questions and automatically turns them into a sharable recommendation.

Quick, easy, and accessible

Access from any device, anywhere. No downloads, sign-ups, or passwords required.

How it works

Our features

Unique survey link

Generate customer recommendations through a unique survey link for each location

Public page

Promote your business with a Voice-of-the-Customer page for each location with aggregated feedback from your customers


View, track, and optionally respond to customer recommendations through a mobile-friendly dashboard


Location-specific insights into your customer satisfaction, including a private suggestion box for non-public comments

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