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    What really stands out at Greenacre Cleaners is their convenience and service.

    It was really great that the service was efficient. I also really liked that they have a good location.


    What really stands out at Greenacre Cleaners is their service, convenience, and work.

    I really appreciated that they were quick and did everything I needed. I also really liked that they have a good location and have convenient hours. I appreciated that their service was efficient, knowledgeable, and attentive. On the other hand, their prices could be improved. They have no discounts and are a little expensive.


    I liked Greenacre Cleaners because of their excellent convenience and service.

    I really liked that they have convenient hours and have a good location. The service was also attentive, efficient, and friendly, which is important to me.


    Greenacre Cleaners is great due to their convenience.

    I liked that they have a good location. However, I didn't find their prices to be great. I found that they are a little expensive.

    Response from the business:

    From: Tom B

    Thank you for the feedback.

    We recognize that there are less expensive cleaners in the area. Their expertise and services are not usually up to the level we offer. One price cleaners are also available but offer a very different experience. Many of our customers tried them and came back to us disappointed with their quality.

    We stand behind our work 100%. Most small family owned cleaners do not offer this guarantee. We are working hard (and investing in equipment) to keep our costs down. Our owner and manager are 3rd generation dry cleaners with many hours of formal education and more than 30 years experience in the industry.

    We know money is an issue for everyone so we offer discount coupons on our web site (greenacrecleaners.com) and our facebook page (fb.com/breensgreenacrecleaners). All dry cleaning and shirts are 15% off on Saturdays. We also offer laundered shirt specials on Wednesdays. Hope these help.

    Again we appreciate your comments and your business.


    Thanks to their prices, service, facilities, convenience, and work, I had a great experience with Greenacre Cleaners.

    I was pleased with their high quality work. Also, I found that they went above and beyond the work required, did everything I needed, and were quick. Their service was attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable. I also liked that they have easy parking, have convenient hours, have a good location, and have plenty of availability. Their prices were fair, which is important to me. I also appreciated that their facilities were secure, clean, and well-lit.

    Response from the business:

    From: Tom B

    Thanks for the recommendation! We appreciate your business.

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