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    LaMarCo Systems, Inc. is great due to their service, speed, and work.

    They went above and beyond the work required. Further, I appreciated their trustworthy service. I really appreciated that they completed work on time and completed work faster than expected. Also, I thought they show up on time and have excellent qualifications. Their high quality and professional work was awesome. On the other hand, I didn't find their prices to be great.


    Overall, I was not satisfied with LaMarCo Systems, Inc. because of their convenience.

    I thought they made it difficult to set up an appointment.


    I loved LaMarCo Systems, Inc. because of their prices.

    I loved the fair prices.


    LaMarCo Systems, Inc. is great due to their prices and service.

    The friendly service was wonderful. I also found that they show up on time.


    LaMarCo systems is easy and quick to communicate with.

    My questions are always answered quickly and politely.


    What really stands out about LaMarCo Systems, Inc. in comparison to other companies is their fair pricing for the top of the line products, work quality, convenience, and workers competitiveness.

    Their work is high quality and professionally done, which is very important for me. -I also felt that they went above and beyond for the work required and always offering an explanation and insight on my questions. -Prices were inexpensive for the high-end product LaMarco Systems offers. I always choose quality brand name over unknown when it comes to safety knowing that I can trust the product. -I liked that they show up on time, have proper accreditations, which at the end of the day makes a huge difference when it comes to being efficient and productive. Last but not least I was delighted by their friendly and trustworthy staff and service. NA


    Overall, I was not satisfied with LaMarCo Systems, Inc. because of their service, prices, and speed.

    I found the service to be untrustworthy and rude. I also thought they showed up late. I thought they took too long to complete the work and were slow.


    LaMarCo Systems, Inc. is great due to their speed, prices, service, convenience, and work.

    I found that they are high end. Also, their service was friendly and trustworthy, which is important. It was great that they had flexible appointment times. In addition, I thought they completed work in a reasonable time frame, performed work quickly, and completed work on time. I was pleased with their high quality, flawless, and professional work. I also found that they have excellent qualifications and have proper accreditations.


    Overall, I was not satisfied with LaMarCo Systems, Inc. because of their work, service, prices, speed, and convenience.

    I thought the work was low quality and flawed. I also thought they had prices that were expensive. I thought they only did the bare minimum. Additionally, they took too long to complete the work, were slow, and completed work slower than expected. I did not appreciate that the service was untrustworthy. Also, I thought they made it difficult to set up an appointment and had no online scheduling option. You're joking, right???

    Response from the business:

    From: Marat S

    Dear Daniel S,

    We’d like to start by saying, thank you very much for your feedback. We, here at LaMarco Systems, take much pride in our work, and when we see a consumer leaving negative feedback we take it very seriously.
    We would definitely like to apologize if we did not meet you standards, unfortunately, you did not leave enough information for us to identify who you are or what project you are referring to. As, we would certainly like to investigate your claims further & be sure to rectify this issue. Not only with you, but so it does not happen in the future.
    As you may know, LaMarco Systems has been thriving in the security industry for over 17 years and have built our business simply by reputation & word of mouth. We have many satisfied customers, who are more than happy to continue to use our services and refer us to others. And when we hear a negative review, such as this, we become very concerned and want to correct any and all inconsistencies in our processes, to ensure customer satisfaction, immediately. However, without the ability to identify which project you are referring to or specifically who is making these claims against us, how can we make this right? Right by you and right procedurally, so it does not happen again in the future. We would love to speak with you directly, so we can be sure to discuss your concerns & see how we can help resolve any issues that you have had.
    LaMarco Systems is a Very Proud & Exclusive partner to many of the top manufacturers, such as, Bosch, UTC, Jeron and many others. Therefore, we take our reputation Very Seriously & do not take a customer’s complaint or dissatisfaction lightly.
    Lastly, we also appreciate your suggestion on the Online Scheduling Option & will certainly take that into consideration as we continue to grow in the future.

    We look forward to hearing from you, to discuss your concerns.

    We hope you didn't confuse us with some other company.

    Lamarco Team


    I liked LaMarCo Systems, Inc. because of their excellent service, convenience, work, prices, and speed.

    Their prices were fair, which is important to me. I also thought they made it easy to set up an appointment. They completed work on time. In addition, they have great discounts. The work was professional and high quality, which is important. Also, the service was trustworthy.