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    What really stands out at Tidewater Physical Therapy Inc is their atmosphere, service, treatment, prices, and convenience.

    I found that they have proper accreditations, have short wait times, and have excellent qualifications. Additionally, I appreciated that their atmosphere was pleasant, inviting, and clean. Their prices were fair, which is always great. Additionally, I really liked that they made it easy to set up an appointment, have easy parking, and have convenient hours. I really liked that they went above and beyond what is required. Also, their treatment was professional and effective. I really liked their knowledgeable, friendly, and trustworthy service.


    I loved Tidewater Physical Therapy Inc because of their service, atmosphere, convenience, and treatment.

    They have easy parking, made it easy to set up an appointment, and have convenient hours. Moreover, they went above and beyond what is required. The trustworthy, friendly, and knowledgeable service was wonderful. Additionally, I really appreciated that they have excellent qualifications, have proper accreditations, and have short wait times. Their atmosphere was pleasant, clean, and inviting.

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    Thank you, Mark M for your comment!