ModernComment social media marketing platform

Social Media Referrals

  • Customers share their recommendations for your business on their Facebook, Twitter or Google+ streams to their friends and followers.

“Recommendation Builder” Survey

  • A unique survey link for each location that captures customer feedback and automatically generates a written recommendation
  • We’re all about making it easy for your customers, so the questions are super quick, mobile friendly, and require no typing.

Example survey

Public Voice-of-the-Customer page

  • Feedback is aggregated on a location-specific Voice-of-the-Customer that is optimized for local search results.
  • Potential customers can see overall feedback, key business info, a customer message, and individual pieces of feedback

Example recommendation page


  • Real time dashboard accessible from any device to monitor your feedback
  • Receive alerts on negative feedback
  • Optionally respond to customer feedback

Actionable Customer Insights

  • Measure and monitor customer satisfaction for each location or at any hierarchical level
  • Hear innovative suggestions through your private suggestion box

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